Provisions: A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience


• “Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die” by Chris Santella

$24.95, Stewart, Tabori & Chang Press; 224 pages

Yes, a Northern California resort is included among the top 50 skiing venues, as chosen by author Chris Santella after interviewing former Olympic and world champion downhill racers. Drumroll, please ... It’s Squaw Valley. No surprise there. Only one other California locale is included: Mammoth Mountain. Compare that to Colorado, with seven locales, and British Columbia, which warrants four entries. Each entry is written by a pro skier (Jonny Moseley did the Squaw piece), and the glossy color photos show impressive “pow.” That’s powder, if you’re not a skiing hipster.


• Backpacker Magazine’s Survival Shelter

Backpacker magazine gives all sorts of advice about surviving the night without a tent or sleeping bag. Here’s a sample from its tips on making a tent from foliage: “Look for piles of dry foliage, needles, and moss at the base of a tree and scoop out a trough for your body, or make a heap the size of a single-bed mattress. Gather three times what you think you’ll need; the nest will compress, and adding warmth requires about two feet of insulation both above and below your body.”


• Dakine Kaitlin Jacket


Women skiers and snowboarders often complain about the lack of stylish outerwear. Most jackets make even the most svelte skier look a little chunky. Dakine, a women’s adventure-wear company, is trying to change that with its Kaitlin Jacket (all Dakine’s jackets are named after women). It is contoured to the body, tapered on the sides and has a flap that both buttons and Velcros on the left side of the jacket. Très chic.


• “10 Weird Items That You Can Travel With”

The travel website presents these TSA-friendly carry-on or checked items:

1. Snow globes (if less than 3.4 ounces)

2. Ice skates

3. Antlers (skull must be wrapped)

4. Christmas trees (wrapped in burlap)

5. Really big musical instruments (KLM lets you book a seat for your cello)

6. Needlepoint (with needles)

7. Live lobsters

8. Crematory remains

9. Parachutes (must let agents open it and inspect)

10. Monkeys (only “service” monkeys)


Kendall Taggart (@KendallTaggart): “TSA is currently paging the individual who lost their hearing aid. I’m not hopeful they’ll be reconnected.”

— Sam McManis,