Provisions: Enhance your recreation and travel experience


•  The North Face Olympic “Villagewear”

Every four years, outdoor apparel retailers offer Winter Olympic-themed clothing that makes the company lots of money but also supports U.S. athletes. The North Face is offering – in red, white and blue, of course – items such as the women’s Sochi Denali jacket ($185), the men’s Sochi full zip hoodie ($99) and the Sochi reversible beanie ($30). If you’d rather support Canada, The North Face has items from the Great White North. A women’s full zip cadet jacket with a maple leaf design goes for $99.


•  F1 X-ray Quest Bag


The last time your correspondent went through airport screening, he used a zip-lock bag to store his carry-on liquids and toiletries. So déclassé. Even the TSA agents turned their noses up at the sight. Those wanting to be a little more classy can fork over a few dollars and buy a trendy, transparent, zippered bag that is embossed with passport stamps. It comes in neon pink, yellow, orange or clear.


•  Huffington Post’s “7 Ways To Avoid Losing It During Your Flight Delay”

Writer Suzy Strutner is way too zen about airport downtime. Still, consider her ideas:

1. Repeat this mantra: “I’m still alive. I’m still alive. I’m still alive.”

2. Eat a Happy Meal.

3. Host Friendsgiving on the phone.

4. Ask the “out of the question” question. (Example: “Can I sample the Star Alliance Lounge for just an hour?”)

5. Go on a scavenger hunt. (Example: “Draft up a list of kooky tasks – (such as) sneaking into the boy’s bathroom ... – and split into teams.”)

6. Befriend your misery mates.

7. Take shots. (“Yes, the kind you take at the bar.”)


•  Backpacker Magazine’s “How to Use Bear Spray”

Here in California, we don’t encounter rampaging grizzlies on the trail as they do in, say, Montana. But these tips are good to know if you happen to run into a ornery mama black bear on the Western States Trail.


From J Sandberg (@JRSandberg): “Dear @Delta, I’m on hour 2 stuck on a plane at the gate. Flt 2190. Screaming baby 1 row ahead. Pls hand out cyanide w/ the water.#travelfail.”

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