Provisions: Water filtration cup, more


• Grayl Water Filtration Cup


Increasingly, the old method of filtering your water in the wild via cumbersome pump is becoming an “analog” technology. These days, there are several direct-cup-to-filter-to-mouth devices that are much more convenient. A leader in the new wave of filtration devices is Grayl, which uses ion mesh, carbon and “antimicrobial agents” to scour water free of bacteria before drinking. Grayl claims it’s quick and has a rapid flow from the cup. Rather than water trickling out, Grayl boasts a 16-ounce flow rate of 15 seconds.


• Repechage In-Flight Skincare Products


The TSA airport mandates have proved to be a boon to marketers. The seaweed-based skincare line Repechage has packaged its products in friendly, carry-on travel-size containers. For example, it sells “eye rescue pads” ($9), which is used, according to the company website, thusly: “Place one pad over each eye during layovers, fly time, or when running from your hotel to an important event. The cooling pads are infused with green and black teas rich in natural anti-oxidant polyphenols to reduce puffiness and redness …”


• The Daily Meal’s “35 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World”

This list is overstuffed, so we’ll only pass along the top 10:

1. Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro (Copenhagen Airport – Copenhagen, Denmark)

2. Porta Gaig (El Prat del Llobregat – Barcelona, Spain)

3. Salt Lick BBQ (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Austin, Texas)

4. Napa Farms Market (San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco)

5. Tortas Frontera (Chicago O’Hare International Airport – Chicago)

6. Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Amsterdam)

7. Uptown Brasserie (John F. Kennedy International Airport – New York City)

8. Obrycki’s (Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport – Baltimore)

9. Encounter (Los Angeles International Airport – Los Angeles)

10. Crust (LaGuardia Airport – New York City)


• Backpacker Magazine’s Day Hiking Gear Checklist

It’s a pretty thorough list for just a day hike, but you can never be too prepared, right? (Note to self: Remember wool bra next time.)


From Emily Timpson (@EmilyTimpson): “Leave it 2me 2arrive at the airport w/o a photo ID. Flirting & the suggestion of a pat down will apparently get u thru security #travelfail.”

— Compiled by Sam McManis,