Provisions: A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience


• “Badgers, Bears, and Eagles: The True-Life Adventures of a California Fish and Game Warden,” by Steven T. Callan

$11.79; Coffeetown Press, 226 pages

If you’ve ever wondered just what a Fish and Game (now Wildlife) warden does besides looking spiffy in that uniform, Callan’s memoir detailing 30 years as a warden (mostly in the Redding area) is worth a read. In addition to the funny stories of encounters with critters on four or two legs, Callan was an investigator who helped to thwart many an outdoors outlaw. Among his most noteworthy accomplishments was working undercover to expose a conspiracy to kill black bears for their gallbladders.


•  TripScope travel app


For the disorganized traveler, here’s a smartphone app that promises, in a company statement, to “allow travel agents to deliver clients customized itineraries directly on their smartphones, while also providing geo-tagged, interactive city guides and destination recommendations relevant to each client’s interests.” The company has signed up 67 major travel agencies and numerous independent travel agents to use the application for travelers.


•  BirkSun Solar Backpack


The website for this ingenious backpack that charges your electronic devices continuously shows happy young millennials hiking, boarding airplanes and hanging at music festivals with this kind of bulky but powerful pack on their packs. Because, you know, you always need to be connected. What would happen, after all, if you’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and you couldn’t tweet about it every darn second? The horror!


• MapQuest’s Top 10 Destinations of 2013

What would the end of the year be without “best of” lists? The travel website passes along the 10 most-searched for destinations of 2013 from MapQuest. Mind you, these are just MapQuest searches, not statistics on where people traveled most often in 2013.

1. Las Vegas

2. Nashville

3. Orlando

4. Atlanta

5. Myrtle Beach, S.C.

6. Chicago

7. Denver

8. Houston

9. Dallas

10. St. Louis


From Constantine Sandis, author and philosophy professor at Oxford University (@csandis): “Ran into my publisher at the station. I told him his job sounded cushy and he reminded me I was behind with various deadlines/#travelfail.”

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