Provisions: Thermosuit, backpacking video, more


• Castelli’s San Remo Thermosuit


It can get cold cycling in the morning in Northern California, but is it cold enough to force you to shell out $350 in cold hard cash to wear a “onesie” in public? Actually, they call it a “thermosuit,” but it looks suspiciously like a superheroes costume – or, worse yet, a luge uniform. Cyclists swear by the unitard, though, since it keeps out even the remote possibility of wind seeping through to your skin. The bottom is your typical cycling tights; the top a wind-and-splash-resistant stretch-fabric jacket. For $350, you’d think they’d throw in some shoe guards but, alas, no.


• Rocky Mountain National Park's Grand Loop

If you’re looking for a challenging and scenic five-day backpacking trip, the editors at Backpacking magazine put together an informative video about this Colorado treasure first navigated by John Wesley Powell. The trail is 43 miles, but the video is only 5 minutes long.


•  Americans Traveling Abroad, 2012

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Travel and Tourism Office releases its annual survey of American travel habits each January. Here are the top 15 foreign countries U.S. residents visited:

1. Mexico

2. Canada

3. United Kingdom

4. Dominican Republic

5. France

6. Italy

7. Germany

8. Jamaica

9. China — tie

9. Spain — tie

11. India

12. Japan

13. Ireland

14. Netherlands

15. Hong Kong — tie

15. Israel — tie


• Top American Airports for Overseas Travel

Here is a list of the most popular departure airports Americans used for foreign travel:

1. New York (JFK)

2. Miami

3. Atlanta

4. Newark

5. Los Angeles

6. Chicago (O’Hare)

7. Washington (Dulles)

8. San Francisco

9. Houston

10. Philadelphia

11. Boston

12. Charlotte

13. Dallas-Fort Worth

14. Detroit

15. Fort Lauderdale


Lindsey Hendrix (@TorchBearer): “Proud all was in 1 bag to go back to Sweden til I checked in & charged $200 for an overweight bag rather than $70 for a 2nd bag. #travelfail.”

— Compiled by Sam McManis