Provisions: A traveler’s guide to things to buy, read or consume


• “ The Outdoor World of the Sacramento Region,” by The American River Natural History Association

$24.95 (hard cover); $16.95 (soft);

Sacramento may be a metropolitan area, but it’s also replete with wildlife. The American River Natural History Association features everything from the largest mammals to the smallest invertebrates that inhabit our area. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what type of plants line the trail of the American River Parkway, this is the go-to manual, featuring color illustrations. And, as long as you’re shopping on the association’s site, you might want to pick up a copy of “Biking and Hiking the American River Parkway,” covering all 32 miles.


• Bison Airlighter


It’s a camping tradition that, ’round the old campfire, you must waste a whole pack of matches (or a trusty Bic lighter) and make a fool of yourself blowing on the twigs to get the flame started. It’s a hassle, but apparently it doesn’t have to be. The Bison Airlighter, which looks and acts like a butane blow torch, will light a fire on the first try. It shoots out a 4-inch flame, plus a stream of blowing air behind it. Those days of burning your finger tips on spent matches are over.


• Shave Mate razors

$11.98 (pack of three);

Packing for travel is all about consolidating, and a can of shaving cream apparently just takes up too much space. What if they could inject the shaving cream directly into the handle of the disposable razor? Consider it done, with enough foam for 10 shaves.


• Outside magazine’s “ 4 Best Airport Bars in the U.S.”

1. One Flew South: Terminal E, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2. Deep Blue Sushi: Terminal 5, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City

3. Vino Volo: Chain of wine bars, featured at Los Angeles International Airport and Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. (There’s one in Sacramento International Airport, too.)

4. Cat Cora’s Kitchen: Terminal 2, San Francisco International Airport


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— Compiled by Sam McManis,