Provisions: Travel stuff you need


•  Mudd & Wyeth Spot The Dog Reflective Gear


Sure, it’s summer and the days last longer, but you’ll still want to make your dog visible on the trail or park for those evening jaunts. The coolest of this new line of doggie reflective gear is the bandana, which would make even the smallest poodle look like a macho alpha-pooch. On the converse, the $38 doggie booties are an embarrassment to the canine species.


• Backpacker Magazine’s “Survive With a Plastic Bag”

The answer to the eternal question, “paper or plastic?” is a no-brainer when you’re in the outdoors, says Backpacker magazine. A balled-up bag takes up almost no space and very little weight in your backpack, but comes in handy. Backpacker shows you the ways. But, really, would you want to be seen on the trail wearing a plastic bag as a rain hood?


• Topeak Bikamper


As its blended name implies, this is a device in which you can turn your mountain bike into a camper. OK, at least a tent that’ll keep you dry during a storm or, if need by, shelter for an overnight sojourn. There are no poles involved. Your 26-inch wheel, handlebars and bike frame prop up a water-proof nylon “tent.”


• “The Mediterranean’s top 3 surreal underwater destinations

1. Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

2. Pavlopetri, Greece

3. Portofino Marine Park, Italy


Gracie Ziegler (@graciefabulous): “I learned this morning that “mimosa” is not universal ... #TravelFail”

Compiled by Sam McManis,