Provisions: Travel stuff you need


• Klymit Static V Luxe Pad


What good is a fancy sleeping bag if you’re sacking out on hard, unforgiving dirt? Klymit (don’t let the company’s annoying spelling drive you off) has released a custom sleeping pad that may be more comfortable than your mattress at home. We exaggerate – only a little. Weighing in at just 25 ounces, it features “air chambers” that limit air movement and trap heat. The company also notes: “Inflating via two mouth valves in approximately 15-20 breaths.”


• Helly Hansen Race Light Jacket

$300 (retail); $150 (on

Are you looking for a hiking/cycling/running jacket that is sturdy enough to keep out the elements during summer and fall months yet light enough not to make you feel weighed down? This ridiculously expensive jacket promises both, as well as zippered insulation panels and two pockets for electronic devices. It weighs only 11.5 ounces but also will lighten your bank account.


• Men’s Journal: “How to Take a Fall”

As a guy who never found a rock or root on the trail I didn’t stumble over, this primer on how to fall well, courtesy of professional stuntmen, will help lower my co-pay costs at the doctor’s office. One tip: “Just before you land, move your arms out in front of you. If your arms are at your sides while you’re rolling, you’re going to hurt yourself. An elbow can crack a rib.”


• Adventure Journal’s “9 Best Raft Trips In The Lower 48”

1. Grand Canyon, Ariz.

2. Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

3. Upper Youghiogheny, Md. and Penn.

4. Upper Gauley, W.V.

5. Cataract Canyon, Utah

6. Middle Ocoee River, Tenn.

7. Section IV Chattooga River, S.C./Ga.

8. Gates of Lodore, Colo./Utah

9. Tuolumne River


Carilyn Johnson (@CarilynJohnson): “I need a new ballpoint pen. Time to stay in a hotel.”

Compiled by Sam McManis,