Provisions: Bike commuting shirt, more


• The “Davis” Bike Commuting Shirt


You know that bicycle commuting has hit the mainstream when fashionistas start to market upscale clothing aimed at cyclists who want to look smart as they pedal to work. And one of the high-end shirts you can buy from the apparel maker Ligne 8 is the Davis shirt, cotton plaid (blue and gray) with a box pleat in the rear with a flap pocket for your energy gel or car keys. Officially, the shirt is called Edward Plaid Davis Short Sleeve. Other cycling-friendly cities that have clothing named for them: Perth, Osaka, Budapest, Munich, San Francisco and, of course, Portland.


• The AirTamer


From the annals of hypochondria comes a new device you wear around your neck or clip onto the collar of your shirt that, the company promises, uses “ionic/electrostatic technology to purify the air around your personal space.” The AirTamer, which might be a hit for airline travelers, purportedly keeps “airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, smoke, mold, dust mites, pollen and other allergens and other harmful particles away from your breathing space.” It can run for 20 days continuously on a wafer-thin lithium battery and has no filters to change.


• Working On Vacation Survey

How many working women report that their “loved ones” get annoyed with them when they check work email or phone messages while on vacation? Survey by WorkPlace Impact says: 62 percent. Actually, we’re surprised it’s not a higher number.


•  5 of the World’s Best Bars with a View

1. Radio, Melia London Hotel, London

2. Aer, Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

3. Above 6, New York City (above a sushi restaurant)

4. Rock Bar, Bali

5. Imagine Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Note: It’s inside a cave.)


@NoBagsToCheck: “Pretty sure Reagan National was modeled after the 4th circle of hell. #travelfail”

Compiled by Sam McManis,