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The LeverAxe, at $219, was voted “easiest to use” by Outside magazine.
The LeverAxe, at $219, was voted “easiest to use” by Outside magazine. LeverAxe

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Despite appearances, our brawny biceps and crazed expression, we aren’t experienced ax-wielders. But, sometimes, on extended camping trips, a good ax is handy to have. This model was chosen by Outside magazine as “easiest to use,” mostly because it features a counterweight that pulls the ax head to the side to make extracting the ax from wood much easier.


Wallet Buckle

$39.95 – $94.95;

Most of us just wear a big ol’ gaudy belt buckle because it makes us look awesome, right? There’s a functional use, too, beyond just holding up your jeans: It can double as a wallet. At least, that’s what the folks at the aptly named Wallet Buckle say. You can slide your driver’s license and credit cards (or cash) in a buckle slot and not have to worry about wallets or purses getting snatched.

The List

‘Seven Travel Secrets From Travel Insiders’

Reddit polled anonymous airplane employees for this survey, so consider the veracity:

1. Locks on zippered suitcases are useless.

2. Bring your own headphones on long flights.

3. Remove old flight tags.

4. Be kind to employees if you want special treatment.

5. It’s cheapest to buy and fly on a Tuesday.

6. Skip the “disgusting” coffee.

7. Put your pet’s name on the carrier.

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