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A Hugh Grant film more deserving of holiday love than ‘Love Actually’

For some reason Hugh Grant’s “Love Actually” gets all the – ahem – love as a holiday-themed entertainment when his 2002 film “About A Boy” has always been the better movie. Based on a Nick Hornby novel and directed by the Weitz brothers, in the film Grant stars as a bored cynical ladies’ man. He doesn’t have to work because he has significant income from a hit Christmas song his father wrote many years ago. Grant is just so much better when he’s sour and less than lovable. The stellar cast includes Toni Collete and Rachel Weisz plus Nicholas Hoult as Marcus, the boy of the title. The movie twists and turns unexpectedly, and though Hornby’s fulfilling story ends up on Christmas Day, there’s nothing maudlin or falsely sentimental about it.

Marcus Crowder