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Family Watch: ‘Lazarus’ mild for its genre

Olivia Wilde stars in Relativity Media’s “The Lazarus Effect.”
Olivia Wilde stars in Relativity Media’s “The Lazarus Effect.”

Current films are reviewed each week to provide parents a guide to decide what may be appropriate to younger viewers

The Lazarus Effect

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of horror violence, terror and some sexual references

What it’s about: Scientists come up with a serum that can bring the recently deceased back to life.

The kid attractor factor: Kids love the undead, even when they’re not brain-eating zombies or vampires. Or do they?

Good lessons/bad lessons: “There are always consequences for breaking the rules.”

Violence: Yes, people are creatively killed off.

Language: Not all that profane, considering they’re raising the dead.

Sex: Not really, considering Olivia Wilde is present and occasionally scantily dressed.

Drugs: eCigarettes

Parents’ advisory: Not the roughest horror movie out there. OK for 10-and-up.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Rating: PG for some language and suggestive comments

What it’s about: Elderly Brits, joined by an American, adjust to retirements that have more of a future to them, now that they’re living in India.

The kid attractor factor: Take Grandma and Grandad to it, it’ll make them happy.

Good lessons/bad lessons: It’s never too late to start a new chapter in life.

Violence: None

Language: A little profanity

Sex: Suggested, winked about

Drugs: Heavens no

Parents’ advisory: Clean, but not a lot here for younger children. Best appreciated by 15-and-up.