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Crest Theatre brings back classic thrills to prep for Halloween

The Crest Theatre marquee showcases the upcoming movies at the venue in preparation for Halloween.
The Crest Theatre marquee showcases the upcoming movies at the venue in preparation for Halloween.

For those looking to kick start Halloween this October, a spooky flick pairs perfectly with chilly autumn air and a moonlit evening.

The Crest Theater will deliver with classic seasonal films starting October 13 with two screenings of “Hocus Pocus,” 1993’s delightful witchy, family-friendly romp. Then comes two October 27 screenings of “Beetlejuice,” Tim Burton’s 1988 fantastical cult favorite with Michael Keaton as the raunchy, wacky, namesake ghoul.

After that, on October 28, there will be a screening of 1987’s comedy-horror fan flick “Monster Squad,” a movie sure to help all the ’80s kids out there relive some Stranger Things-esque childhood nostalgia and satisfy any Halloween monster cravings with appearances in the film by the likes of Count Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy, among others.

And for those looking for some authentic adult scares, there will be a screening of “The Exorcist,” the iconic, genre-defining tale of two catholic priests’ attempt to eradicate a little girl’s demonic possession. The 1973 film still manages to strike primal fear into the hearts of even the most hardened fans of horror, utilizing state-of-the-art special effects of the time and haunting imagery that is hard to shake.

“All of the movies are pretty popular,” said Crest Theater manager Yulya Borroum. “For Hocus Pocus there will be a lot of kids, so we’re doing two screenings. They’re both likely to sell out. For the rest of the films, there will still be a lot of kids but a little older audience. Beetlejuice is likely to sell out at least one of the two screenings we’re doing. Monster Squad and Exorcist are likely to attract 300 to 400 people. We’re doing those Monday and Tuesday that week so it will be a little smaller audience. I would expect that those two will have tickets at the door, Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice might not.”

Moviegoers can expect some themed music before the films as well as a possible film discussion and curated previews for The Crest.

“I let the movie manager decide what music to play, so there’s usually a little surprise element to that,” Borroum said. “We always do some announcements and a film discussion or some special previews that they put together for the night. I never do standard previews.”

The Crest Theater, according to its homepage, is an historic multi-purpose theater located on K Street in Downtown Sacramento. The theater hosts special screenings of classic and contemporary films as well as local film festivals, live music shows, and discussions.

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