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Family Watch: Go for the dog, not the bad bear


Rating: PG for action violence, peril

What it’s about: A Marine Corps war dog is adopted by the family of the dead soldier who worked with him.

The kid attractor factor: A cute, heroic dog, a rebellious teen in need of “training,” kids in peril.

Good lessons/bad lessons: “A hero always tells the truth, no matter what the consequences.”

Violence: A combat scene, dog fights, gun play.

Language: Instances of mild profanity.

Sex: A single smooch, a “stretch-marks” joke.

Drugs: None.

Parents’ advisory: A bit too long and over-packed with sinister subplots, OK for 8-and up.


Rating: R for crude and sexual content

What it’s about: Ted, the dirty-talking teddy bear, goes to court to prove he’s a person.

The kid attractor factor: You had them at “dirty-talking teddy bear.”

Good lessons/bad lessons: When it comes to civil rights debates, “Don’t wait too long to be right.”

Violence: A brawl, fistfights, assault with a knife.

Language: Lots and lots of profanity.

Sex: Joked about, crudely discussed, animal mating footage is screened, porn is debated.

Drugs: Explicit pot use.

Parents’ advisory: The humor is tailored to a filthy-minded teen. OK for 16-and-up.