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‘Alexander’ shows a very bad day that’s good for all ages

Current films are reviewed each week to provide parents a guide to decide what may be appropriate to younger viewers

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Rating: PG for rude humor including some reckless behavior and language

What it’s about: A boy’s bad day spreads to his parents and siblings, leading to one mishap after another testing their resilience as a family.

The kid attractor factor: Kids, from toddler to teens, and their parents, having a comically awful day.

Good lessons/bad lessons: “You’ve got to have the bad days so you will love the good days even more.”

Violence: Slapstick, pratfalls.

Language: “Daddy wishes he could swear!”

Sex: Teen flirtation, thanks to Bella Thorne cast as the teen love interest.

Drugs: Don’t be silly.

Parents’ advisory: Disney spent good money and gave the Disney Touch to this adaptation of the popular kids book, so this “Wimpy Kid” variation is suitable for all ages.

Dracula Untold

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of warfare, vampire attacks, disturbing images, and some sensuality

What it’s about: Prince Vlad of Transylvania needs to become a vampire to defend his people from the Turks.

The kid attractor factor: Vampires, bats, sword fighting.

Good lessons/bad lessons: “Sometimes, the world no longer needs a hero. Sometimes it needs a monster.”

Violence: Stylized, bloody enough, right up to the edge of the PG-13 limits.

Language: Quite clean.

Sex: Almost, but biting is a real mood killer.

Drugs: Not a hint.

Parents’ advisory: More a medieval sword-and-sorcery flick than a vampire movie, it’s not grim enough to alarm any child over 10.