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Family viewing: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,’ ‘Brothers Grimsby’

Andrea Martin and Nia Vardalos star in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”
Andrea Martin and Nia Vardalos star in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” Universal Studios

Current films are reviewed each week to provide parents a guide to decide what may be appropriate to younger viewers


Rated PG-13 for some suggestive material.

What it’s about: The Portokalos family returns to the big screen for more of their Greek-flavored antics. And guess what – there’s a wedding.

The kid attractor factor: The broad comedy and familiar characters might be fun for kids, but this is definitely the kind of film to take grandma to.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Nothing is more important than family; embrace who you are and where you come from.

Violence: None

Language: Nothing strong

Sexuality: There are several sexual references, from grandmas admonishing teenage Paris to “keep her knees shut” on prom night to Aunt Voula’s TMI revelations about her own intimate life.

Drugs: Just many shots of ouzo.

Parents advisory: This film would be fine for older kids and ’tweens, but younger kids probably won’t be too interested.


Rated R for strong, crude sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, language, and some drug use.

What it’s about: A goofy, gross-out spy parody from Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays a working-class soccer hooligan reunited with his super-spy brother.

The kid attractor factor: The broad comedy and juvenile body humor.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Shows the power of brotherly love.

Violence: Lots of action-spy type violence – shooting, combat, etc. Also lots of drunken bar brawl violence – including children! That’s not to mention the more vulgar and graphic violence done to the stars (and animals).

Language: Crude graphic language in American and British English, and rude gestures.

Sexuality: The film starts with an act of public intercourse and escalates from there. What happens on screen isn’t even printable in the newspaper.

Drugs: Binge drinking and heroin use.

Parents advisory: This one is a doozy. Not appropriate for kids or ’tweens of any age (at all). Older teenagers will probably be the only ones who can get down with the extremely juvenile, and disgusting, bodily humor.