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‘Mother’s Day,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ available on DVD, streaming Aug. 2

“Mother’s Day” will be available on DVD Aug. 2.
“Mother’s Day” will be available on DVD Aug. 2. Open Road Films

This week’s new DVD releases, out Tuesday, Aug. 2, range from the sweet to the surreal.

“Mother’s Day,” Grade (): It would have been easy for these stories to get jumbled as they did in “Valentine’s Day,” but director Garry Marshall deftly takes each from start to endearing end. He even tosses in a couple of touching moments that fit in well with all the light comedy.

Marshall gets help, unlike in “New Year’s Eve,” from strong performances. Julia Roberts and Hector Elizondo have been working together for so many years, it’s like watching two old friends when they share a stage. Jennifer Aniston is very comfortable with her mom role and Margo Martindale is always a sure bet even when playing a narrow-minded bigot.

“The Lobster,” Grade (1/2): Colin Farrell plays David, a newly divorced man who finds himself in a hotel in the woods that could be the sister property to the hotel in “The Shining.” He’s been sent to the facility to find his perfect match.

This place is no eHarmony. If people don’t find a suitable match in 45 days, they are transformed into an animal of their choice. The explanation is that it is a second chance to find a perfect mate.

David has selected a lobster since they live for 100 years and remain fertile all their lives. A friend points out they also get tossed into pots of boiling water and eaten.

“The Bronze,” Grade (1/2): Former Olympian continues to live off her fame. The makers of “The Bronze” were so lazy, their solution to every weak character, stupid plot point or uninspired camera shot was to toss out more obscenities.

Granted, it’s a little shocking to hear Melissa Rauch, best known for playing Bernadette on “The Big Bang Theory,” toss out the F-word with every other breath. That quickly becomes annoying and then incredibly painful.

Also new on DVD Aug. 2

▪ “Humpback Whales”: Close look at whales in Alaska, Hawaii and Tonga.

▪ “Viral”: Two sisters fight for survival when a neighborhood is hit by a killer virus.

▪ “Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation”: Peppa goes on a vacation abroad.

▪ “Meet the Blacks”: Family leaves Chicago in search of better life.

▪ “Manhattan Night”: Reporter can’t resist helping a woman solve the mystery of her husband’s death.

▪ “Chosen”: One man alters the course of World War II.

▪ “The Trust”: Vegas cops find more than money in a drug dealer’s vault.

▪ “Summer Camp”: Camp counselors try to escape a mysterious virus.

▪ “The First Monday in May”: A behind-the-scenes look at the Met Gala.

▪ “Bite”: An insect bite has weird effects on a woman.

▪ “Murdoch Mysteries: Season 9”: Mystery series set in Edwardian-era Toronto.

▪ “The Binding”: Father begins getting visions of bloodshed.

▪ “Gibby”: Girl and a monkey become friends.

▪ “Saving Mr. Wu”: Criminal posing as a police officer kidnaps a movie star.

▪ “Key & Peele: The Complete Series”: Includes all 53 episodes of the sketch comedy show.

▪ “The Knick: The Complete Second Season”: Clive Owen stars in this cable series about the medical world of 1900.

▪ “Red Sonja: Queen of the Plagues”: Red Sonja looks to repay a blood debt.

▪ “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”: Collector’s edition of the Donald Sutherland thriller is available.

▪ “In the Deep”: Two sisters are trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

▪ “The Girlfriend Experience”: College student finds a new way to make money. Riley Keough stars.

▪ “Guernica”: American journalist is pulled into war when the Spanish city where he’s living is attacked.

▪ “High-Rise”: Battle between those on higher and lower floors of building.

▪ “9 Months That Made You”: Three-part program that looks at human gestation.

▪ “Paw Patrol: Sports Day!”: Includes six sports-themed adventures.

▪ “Louder Than Bombs”: Family is united after a death. Jesse Eisenberg stars.

▪ “Keanu”: Cousins impersonate ruthless killers to save a kidnapped cat.

▪ “Sniper: Ghost Shooter”: Marine sniper unit faces an extremist sniper.

▪ “High Strung”: Dancer partners with a subway violinist.

▪ “The American Side”: Investigation of suicide leads to a conspiracy. Matthew Broderick stars.

New on Digital HD:

▪ “Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season”: Includes episodes that earned 23 Emmy nominations.

▪ “There Is a New World Somewhere”: Woman accepts dare to take a road trip with a stranger.

▪ “The Bodyguard”: Retired bodyguard befriends a young girl.

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