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Three to See: Lyrics Born, All That Remains, Nicholas David

Singer-songwriter Nicholas David is at Harlow’s on Saturday.
Singer-songwriter Nicholas David is at Harlow’s on Saturday. A Frame Forward Photography

Lyrics Born

Hip hop/funk

8:30 p.m. Friday

Miner’s Foundry

Berkeley-based (and former UC Davis Aggie) Tom “Lyrics Born” Shimura took to Youtube last month to announce “one of the largest, most epic moments of my entire career – Mobile Home Recordings is up and in biz.” LB now has his own self-made vehicle for his extensive catalog, and presumably a landing spot for other up-and-coming artists who have caught his seasoned eye. Who knows where that leads, but what has happened to his music over the past few years is exciting. The funk has officially moved in, with several new tunes dropping the flashing floor beats and retro disco vibes into his notoriously top-shelf lyricism – and his upcoming May release “Real People” features the likes of Trombone Shorty and Galactic. Funk act Mojo Green opens. 325 Spring St., Nevada City. $25.

Nicholas David


7 p.m. Saturday


Nicholas David helps prove that you don’t have to win a reality show to launch a career – just getting to the show is big enough. He sounds like he’s been at it for decades, rather than being a fresh-faced first-timer who gained a wider audience during his run in the 2012 NBC’s “The Voice.” David looks like a stunt double for Dr. John, and his soul-savoring vocals are in the middle ground between James Taylor and Aaron Neville. Doors 5:30 p.m. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $15-$18.

All That Remains, with In Flames

Hard rock/metal

6:30 p.m. Sunday

Ace of Spades

Hailing from Springfield, Mass., All That Remains dished up its seventh studio offering this week, “The Order of Things.” Pretty impressive for any hard rock ensemble. The music is a sinewy, reckless thunk of a pop-varnished, party-ready slugfest. All That Remains opens up for veterans In Flames, with Wovenwar also performing. 1417 R St., Sacramento. $29.50.

Looking ahead: !!! – March 24 at Harlow’s

Sacramento native act !!! (Chk Chk Chk) now resides primarily in Brooklyn, but every hometown gig it plays seems to be a collective appeal for it to come back – if dance moves are any indication. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $15.