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Lambchop continues to push musical boundaries with 'Flotus'

“Flotus” by Lambchop
“Flotus” by Lambchop Courtesy of the artist

Lambchop is difficult to encapsulate for those uninitiated in the band’s ways and music. Think of it as indie art rock. A down-tempo stream of consciousness country dirge turns out on closer inspection to be a cover of David Bowie’s “Young Americans.” Low-key genius Kurt Wagner writes and sings the songs for a band that expands and contracts between five and 10 or more players. The new album “FLOTUS” is an acronym for “For Love Often Turns Us Still.” The first single, “The Hustle,” is the last song on the album, and it comes in at 18 minutes with much of that sounding like ambient loops à la Steve Reich. Then Wagner’s sad, low baritone sings what seems like a love song.

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