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Kanye West takes selfie video with Sacramento man after angry stage exit

Patrick Hernandez decided the show wasn’t over just because Kanye West said so.

Hernandez, 27, raced out of Golden 1 Center before half the crowd even realized what just happened, trying to get a glimpse of West leaving the building after a 30-minute show that left fans fuming. He positioned himself near a garage exit, saw the police motorcade and, as the modern era demands, got his phone ready to record.

First came a police motorcade. Then a black Mercedes S-class sedan. Bodyguards in an SUV. In the back of that Mercedes, West had his window cracked open, and Hernandez called out, “Kanye, can I get a selfie?”

West waved him over. Even though the light was green, he had his driver stop the car, and Hernandez and West flashed peace signs, exchanged “cool” greetings and were on their way.

“Everything happened so quick, and we were in a dangerous spot, so there really wasn’t much time to talk,” Hernandez said. “The bodyguards behind us were pretty concerned.”

Minutes before, West stunned fans at the Golden 1 Center by showing up late and appearing for only 30 minutes. He sang two or three songs, depending on the listener, then launched into a rambling speech against corporate radio, MTV, Jay-Z and Beyonce and national affairs.

Hernandez’s 22-second video quickly went viral Sunday, with many unable to reconcile how West was so angry one minute and jovial with a fan the next.

In the background, another person shouts out, “Kanye, Kanye,” while yelling can also be heard in the distance. Hernandez said one person was excited that West stopped for a selfie, but others were booing the performer.

“I was surprised because he seemed very irate on the stage,” Hernandez said. “He wasn’t getting his point across. I feel he might have stopped the show early because he was feeling negative energy in the arena, and there weren’t that many people agreeing with him. Or it could have been staged.”

Hernandez, who’s attending school for court reporting, said he spent about $90 for his upper level ticket. Others spent much more, upwards of $250.

“I was kind of bummed that the show ended because I was interested in hearing most of his popular songs, and the three songs he did I was unfamiliar with.”

Still, he said he doesn’t care about a refund. “The selfie part made up for it,” he said.

Kevin Yamamura: 916-326-5548, @kyamamura

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