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Solange’s contender for best record of the year

“A Seat at the Table” by Solange
“A Seat at the Table” by Solange

We seem to have slipped into a golden age of modern R&B without borders. With varying swatches of electronica, hip hop, neo-soul and pop, the new release from Solange (Knowles) “A Seat at the Table” sounds as assured as anything big sister Beyoncé has dropped not called “Lemonade.” The music is minimal with strong beats, fluid instrumental background washes and melodies only found in the multitracked vocals. Songs end abruptly just as their grooves settle in. With contributions from Raphael Saadiq and Lil Wayne among others, Solange has found her full voice on this, her third solo album. Though personal and intimate, “A Seat at the Table” also features an organic political sense of artistic black womanhood embodied in a song like “Cranes In the Sky.”

$10.99 for download on iTunes and Amazon,

Marcus Crowder