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Sacramento-born rapper Mozzy’s debut album draws hip-hop world’s attention

Not all hip hop fans may be familiar with the name, but Timothy “Mozzy” Patterson has been a prolific rapper as of late, having made or collaborated on about two dozen mixtapes or smaller projects in the past five years.

So with Friday’s release of the Sacramento-born artist’s official, 16-track debut album, “1 Up Top Ahk,” music blogs and magazines were quick to offer up their opinions – most of them positive.

A review in The Irish Times called Mozzy’s album “relentlessly tough” in a three-out-of-five star review. And hip hop magazine XXL called Mozzy’s track “Sleep Walkin” one of the five best songs of the week on Friday – part of a list that included rappers Kodak Black, Gucci Mane, Denzel Curry and Migos.

Mozzy has been on the radar for hip hop fans and media for a couple of years. In fact, a 2016 story by The Bee pondered whether Mozzy was “the next big thing.” And in December 2015, Complex declared that he he had “the best run of 2015,” with freelance writer David Drake calling Mozzy’s lyrical style “magnetic.”

Mozzy, 30, grew up in Oak Park. He moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles in 2016, according to an interview by The Fader.

A headline on pop culture website The Ringer asked, “Can Mozzy’s Sacramento Street Rap Translate Beyond the West Coast?” with the article suggesting that “1 Up Top Ahk” is the closest Mozzy has come to attaining a “properly nationalized hip-hop record.”

The catalog of notable rappers from Sacramento is not a long one. Wikipedia lists just 13, including Mozzy.

Time will tell how the “1 Up Top Ahk” ends up performing, both critically and commercially. The album is available on iTunes and via Apple Music.

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