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Three to see: Live music in Sacramento

The Torch Club’s 80th anniversary celebration Sunday features Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil, Mind(x) and more.
The Torch Club’s 80th anniversary celebration Sunday features Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil, Mind(x) and more. Sacramento Bee file

Torch Club 80th anniversary


4 p.m. Sunday

Torch Club

Yes, from the Cattle Club to Marilyn’s on K, the list of music venues that have come and gone in Sacramento over the past couple of decades (not to mention the past couple of years) is quite extensive, but there’s no room for sulking and moping at the venerable Torch Club. Though it has switched locations, the cozy and perfectly divey little watering hole has been a bedrock for eight decades, hosting music virtually every day of the week. It’s where the booze is cold, the smiles are warm, the blues are hot and the nights are long. The Torch’s 80th anniversary bash features Portland, Ore., guests Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil, Torch regulars and jam wizards Mind(x), sassy and sultry country vixen Keri Carr Band, upstarts Island of Black & White, and hosts Peter Petty and Dana Moret. Cheers to 80 more, T.C.! 904 15th St., Sacramento. $6.

Delhi 2 Dublin

World fusion/electronic

8 p.m. Sunday

The Center for the Arts

In case the name seems cryptic, let’s break it down: Formed by what its members describe as a “happy accident,” Delhi 2 Dublin makes its living by spinning up lively and pulsating electro-pop world-beat tunes crafted on a foundation of Celtic rhythms and bhangra beats from the heart of India, all playfully twisted together into a sweat box of enigmatic and sweat-beading dance music. And for another twist: The band was formed in Canada. Mind blown! 314 W. Main St., Grass Valley. $24.

Andrew Bayer


10 p.m. Wednesday

District 30

The title of DJ and producer Andrew Bayer’s newest offering, “Do Androids Dream,” evokes images of a slightly twisted dystopian landscape – perhaps the kind of thing that Stanley Kubrick was shooting for in “A.I.” The record, released earlier this month and featuring Danish singer Asbjorn, finds the up-and-coming electronic artist backing up his foreboding mental ramble with dense, sprawling house beats. 1022 K St., Sacramento. $10.

Looking ahead: Ex Hex, May 20 at Harlow’s

This femme fatale punk act is a relative newbie – but with those gritty throwback NYC underground riffs, Ex Hex doesn’t sound like it or play like it. 2708 J St., Sacramento.