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Blue Lamp offers a punk-metal alternative to Super Bowl Sunday

Kill the Precedent
Kill the Precedent Carlos Armanza

Eighth annual Super Bowl Party with Kill the Precedent

Hard rock/punk/metal

3 p.m. (sharp) Sun. Feb. 4

Blue Lamp

Not quite feelin’ Justin Timberlake during halftime of the big game? As they do every year, notoriously spitfire Sacramento punk-metal titans Kill the Precedent take over for halftime tunes at Blue Lamp during Eagles vs. Patriots (aka the most quintessentially American matchup possible), with Crimson Eye firing it up for the pregame. Like any Super Bowl party worth its salt, it’s a potluck, so bring a dish (“no chips, be creative” goes the invite). Free.



8 p.m. Fri. Feb. 2

Blue Lamp

Chicago’s Marbin will challenge everything you think you know and love (or hate?) about the saxophone. Brass man Danny Markovitch uses it in a way that would, in a vacuum, drive some listeners batty, but those crafty (and at times cheeky) riffs are intermingled with a ripping labyrinth of jazz-rooted progressive panache with just the right dose of guitar-driven bar rock for a Friday night. $12.

Leo Kottke

Americana/acoustic guitar

8 p.m. Fri. Feb. 2

The Center for the Arts

Acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke is a master stringman at the peak of his craft, even after roughly a half century in the business. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new Kottke record (the most recent offerings coming via a pair of collaboration records with Phish bassist Mike Gordon), but there’s no shortage of show-stopping material in his astoundingly deep catalog. $47.

Looking ahead: Alt-J. April 23 at UC Davis

Alt-J’s third studio offering “Relaxer” is nearing its first birthday, but the indie rock juggernaut has plenty of mileage left on its tour, which swings into UCD’s ARC Pavilion. $49.50.