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Three to See: Power pop rockers the Rubinoos celebrate new album

The Rubinoos’ spit-shined new record “From Home,” released in August.
The Rubinoos’ spit-shined new record “From Home,” released in August.

The Rubinoos with Adrian Bourgeois

Rock/power pop

7 p.m. Sunday, November 3


Not to say that Bay Area power pop veterans the Rubinoos don’t have ample name recognition, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have indie hero Chuck Prophet in your corner. Prophet, a self-professed superfan of the group, helped spearhead (via writing and production) the Rubinoos’ spit-shined new record “From Home,” released in August. The punchy, no-frills record glistens with the sort of hooky, varnished rock n’ roll that almost makes you forget the ‘70s ended. Sacramento native Adrian Bourgeois makes a trip home to open the show. Doors 6 p.m. $25.

High Pulp


8:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 5

Torch Club

A wafting glide through Seattle jazz collective High Pulp’s new EP “Light Fix” reveals an ensemble that seems to have a penchant not just for playing to a group of people, but for playing to (and utterly owning) a space. This feels like a group with an innate ability to grab the air of a room and envelop it in a mini-galaxy of free-flowing jazz, downtempo hip-hop and R&B and smoldering soul. They keep the pulse at a smooth resting rate even through the sporadic heart flutters sure to be generated by their enigmatic songcraft. $6.



8 p.m. Friday, November 1

Ace of Spades

If you judge the strength of a pop single by how many times its been remixed, Shaed’s “Trampoline” looks like a world-beater (head over to Spotify to see what we’re talking about!). The latest is a stripped-down, titillatingly atmospheric take on the song as a duet between Shaed’s Chelsea Lee and ZAYN. With twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst flanking Lee’s alluring vocal prowess and on the popularity of “Trampoline,” this trio feels like an act about to go kaboom. Absofacto, the solo project of Michigan indie rocker/producer Jonathan Visger, opens up. Doors 7 p.m. $18.

Looking ahead: Portland Cello Project. Nov. 10 at the Crest Theatre

Stirring classical-pop crossover act Portland Cello Project’s Crest show is billed as “Radiohead, Coltrane and Bach.” We have it on good authority you should get ready for some Prince as well. $33-$48.