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Three to see: Live music in Sacramento

Allah-Las will perform at Miner's Foundry in Nevada City on Tuesday.
Allah-Las will perform at Miner's Foundry in Nevada City on Tuesday. Courtesy of Innovative Leisure

Nice Monster


9 p.m. Friday June 12

Fox & Goose

As the tides of Sacramento’s local music scene drift in and out, Nice Monster has stayed afloat for a baker’s dozen years, with a buoyant breed of narcotic indie rock spackled with the kind of alt-country riffs that would make even Jeff Tweedy of Wilco crack a grin. The creative duo of Jason Roberts and Matthew Gerken release their newest EP, “The Great, Long Rest,” along with Odame Sucks and Devin Farren. 1001 R St., Sacramento. $5.


Noise rock/alternative punk

10 p.m. Saturday June 13


Vocalist Yako and guitarist Agata – a.k.a. Japanese noise rock act Melt-Banana – didn’t forge their considerable underground popularity by following trends. They did it by going all-in on an experimental brand of grinding, occasionally abrasive and deceptively structured brand of punk rock that makes even acts like the Mars Volta seem a little too common. With Hot Nerds and xTomHanx. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $15.


Garage rock/surf

7 p.m. Tuesday June 16

Miner’s Foundry

This L.A. garage rock outfit offers its stylized take on surf rock, the genre that forever changed the landscape of California rock ’n’ roll. Not every Allah-Las tune evokes a sunny warm beach – many of them are best played atop a desolate rocky cliff along on a fogged-in coast, or the corner of a dark coastal pub, skin still red from a salty breeze. 325 Spring St., Nevada City. $15-$20.

Looking ahead: Cracker. July 7 at Palms Playhouse

After a breakout single in the mid-’90s with “Low,” Cracker has lingered in the ranks of Americana rock’s finest for more than 20 years. 13 Main St., Winters. $20.