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Three to see: Grab an earful of Twang, Recall and Moss

Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang


8 tonight

Ace of Spaces

Living up to its name: The Primus frontman/sultan of slap is now wielding a shiny steel Dobro bass and dropping freak-fried country funk with slip-and-sliding guitarist Bryan Kehoe if M.I.R.V. On the duo’s debut “Four Foot Shack,” they twang a few Primus standards including “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver,” and some delightfully random covers. You absolutely don’t want to miss opening act Reformed Whores, a duo perfectly self-described as Dolly Parton and Tenacious D’s love baby. 1417 R St., Sacramento. $28.

Total Recall

’90s alt-rock covers

10 tonight

Pour House

On the first Friday in April, Total Recall hauled its robust collection of ’90s tunes onto the Pour House stage for the first time. By noon the next day, they had shaken hands on a deal to do it again the first Friday of every month, beginning this week — that should tell you what kind of a party it was. This air-tight four-piece band blankets the landscape of ’90s rock, from the Pearl Jam/Nirvana sect to Weezer to such one-hit wonders as Sister Hazel and Harvey Danger. If the brass players show up again, can anyone say Chumbawumba? 1910 Q St., Sacramento. No cover.

Nick Moss


2 p.m. Sunday

Country Club Saloon

Depending on what tune he’s playing and how he’s grinding the ax, blues guitarist Nick Moss could be at home in a murky Chicago blues club or in an outlaw motorcycle hangout. His soul-scorched band now features classically trained vocalist Michael Ledbetter, a descendant of the blues/folk legend known as Lead Belly. If you want an earlier chance to take in the act, Moss and his band also play the Crazy Horse in Nevada City at 9 tonight. 4007 Taylor Road, Loomis. $5.

Looking ahead: Sactown Rocks, June 29

It’s a lineup built to prove the name is true. This quintet of Sacramento all-stars features Tesla, Middle Class Rut, Oleander, Fallrise and more locals on the side stage. Sacramento’s Capitol Avenue, west of the state Capitol. $39.50.