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Three to see: Alt-country, hip hop and refugee reggae



9 p.m. Friday

Old Ironsides

You have to sling back to 2009 for the last time Placerville-bred Americana mainstay Jackpot held court at Old Ironsides. The band, which was a virtual staple of the local music scene in the ’00s, casually flirted from afar with breakout success during that stretch. Jackpot remains a hero of Sacramento music lore, with a narcotically melodic and gloriously irreverent catalog of buried treasure beneath the sands of alt-country’s elite – one that is simply begging to be dug up and played from time to time, lest it gather the rust of neglect. Grub Dog and the Amazing Sweethearts, Milwaukee and FATSO lend support. 1901 10th St., Sacramento. $7.



7 p.m. Saturday


Take a look at the video for Problem’s “Like Whaaat,” and you’ll see the familiar face of the seemingly omnipresent Snoop Dogg. His influence on Problem’s urban-grown hip-hop is hardly limited to this one tune; shades of West Coast rap are etched throughout his catalog, channeling the sun-splashed vibes and hard streets of Compton and other corners of the state, also in the vein of Too Short, DJ Quik and E-40 (Problem guests on the E-40’s “Function”). To watch Problem in action is to see a talented and driven young emcee working to break the boundaries of his youth, sitting on the cusp of bigger and brighter things. With Bad Lucc and John Connor. 1000 K St., Sacramento. $20.

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars


8 p.m. Sept. 11


It’s not just a clever name that a group of guys thought would make a cool moniker for a band. The members of the venerable Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars are, in fact, refugees who fled the death grips of war-torn West Africa during the civil war in Sierra Leone and into the open arms of music at a refugee camp in Guinea. Their music serves as a tribute to those who didn’t make it out, to all those struggling from the oppression of war and even to those who find solace in the group’s upbeat brand of Wailers-influenced pop reggae and bluesy funk rock. Doors 7 p.m. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $20.

Looking ahead: O.A.R., Sept. 29 at Ace of Spades

Were it not for the market-cornering of Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) would likely have written the decade’s manual for funky college jam rock in the ’00s. With Andy Grammer. 1417 R St., Sacramento. $20. www.aceof