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Bam Margera and his band hit Sacramento on Sunday

Bam Margera’s F&@kface Unstoppable, shown above last year on stage in Oxford, England, with its frontman leading the way, will bring its high-energy act to Assembly on Sunday evening.
Bam Margera’s F&@kface Unstoppable, shown above last year on stage in Oxford, England, with its frontman leading the way, will bring its high-energy act to Assembly on Sunday evening. Rex Features

Bam Margera has offered his face as a punching bag and taken five-story leaps into swimming pools, all in the name of a good time.

Now, he’s ready to rock.

The skateboarder and key member of the “Jackass” crew, known for its cringe-worthy stunts on MTV and in a series of hit movies, now plays the role of band frontman. His group is called, in a semi-censored sort of way, F&@kface Unstoppable and specializes in an NC-17 take on hip-hop, dubstep and heavy metal.

But what else would you expect from a guy who gets tasered for laughs?

Margera, 35, first earned his rep from the CKY video series, which featured skateboarding tricks with gnarly stunts and juvenile mayhem. CKY also became a band that included Margera’s older brother, Jess, on drums.

The native of West Chester, Pa., has since turned into a brand himself, with the MTV series “Viva La Bam,” a line of paintings and upcoming TV projects. But for now, Margera is on a three-week tour, which reaches Sacramento’s Assembly on Sunday. Here’s what Margera had to say, in a phone call shortly after waking up in Nashville:

How did your band come to be?

It all came about with the drummer from Guttermouth, Alex. They were playing at a bar in West Chester, and he came to the house. He saw we had a music room and started jamming. Slowly but surely, we got Jess and Matt from CKY, and eventually it just turned into a band. We have our own songs like “Moonshine,” and also do some covers from Clutch and Turbonegro.

Disc 1 (on the new self-titled album) was all recorded in the studio in Iceland. There’s a track with Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth. The second (disc) is all live stuff from the European tour.

Did you ever mess around in any garage bands during high school?

No, I was always skating, but I surrounded myself with music. Jess used to practice in the basement with CKY and I was always the one skating. I got injured really bad and was out (of skateboarding) for two years. I had to find a new outlet, which was music and art. I said we should go on tour and we’ll call it “F&@kface Unstoppable,” and it stuck.

What did you do that caused you to stay off a board for so long?

I went off a 100-foot waterfall in a kayak. I was in front and landed so hard and wrong that I ruptured a hernia. For over a year, I couldn’t lift anything or do sit-ups. Then I had bone spurs in my feet. It didn’t hurt to walk or run, but to do skate tricks it did.

What’s the worst slam you ever took on a skateboard?

I tried a nollie lipslide down a 13-stair rail, and floated right down on (the rail on) my (crotch). I tried to stop with my hands but slid for 5 feet. Let’s say I’m not having a desire to try a nollie lipslide down 13 stairs.

Are you familiar with Sacramento’s skateboard scene and guys like John Cardiel and Brandon Biebel?

Yeah, I know both of them, and Matt Rodriguez and Eric (Brockman) who used to ride for Flip Skateboards. When we’re on tour I’m hopeful that the bus parks at the skate park.

You had to postpone a few gigs on this tour due to filming a new documentary for MTV. What’s that project all about?

It’s called “I Need Time To Stay Useless.” It’s the story of my life: Finding a skateboard at the age of 8, getting sponsored, “Jackass” happened, Ryan Dunn’s accident, I went on a booze bender. It’s all about me sorting it out. It’s in a comedy, funny stunts and funny skits … with a little bit of drama.

What can people expect at Sunday’s show? Are there going to be stunts and people getting punked on stage?

Sometimes when we have a stun gun, we tase the drummer in the (crotch). We did that eight nights in a row so now we started doing that to his (backside). There’s a lot of stage diving. All in all, it’s a gnarly rock show.

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WITH: Lionize, Polkadot Cadaver, Dead in Seconds

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Sunday

WHERE: Assembly, 1000 K St., Sacramento

COST: $20, $50 for VIP meet and greet