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Three to See: Chad Bushnell to perform at Sacramento’s Goldfield

Chad Bushnell of Red Bluff brings his honky-tonk rock ’n’ roll music to Goldfield Friday.
Chad Bushnell of Red Bluff brings his honky-tonk rock ’n’ roll music to Goldfield Friday.

Chad Bushnell


9 p.m. Friday


The curse of living in a small town like Red Bluff is that many of those around you are vocal about their eventual plans to move away to the big city. Red Bluff native Chad Bushnell’s songs are the rest of the small-town folks who have no desire to leave, whose days are gleefully spent in their hometown drinking cold beer, playing guitar and enjoying the warm summer breeze. There is zero pretension in Bushnell’s honest honky-tonk rock ’n’ roll. He’s penned tunes reminiscent of classic modern country artists such as Vince Gill, Alan Jackson and George Strait. 1630 J St., Sacramento. No cover.

Sac Go Home Fest

Various genres

3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Witch Room

The sound of doors permanently clanging shut has become grimly familiar over the past few months as the Witch Room joins Marilyn’s on K and Assembly as the latest music venues to close shop in 2014. The upstart venue appeared to be gaining steam. The steam it did gather will be blown out in one large and blazing hot gust this weekend, with a quickly assembled lineup of more than 20 local acts playing a free two-day swan song. Performers include Musical Charis, Pets and Lite Brite on Saturday, and Kelps and Dog Party on Sunday. 1815 19th St., Sacramento.

Jelly Bread


9 p.m. Wednesday

Torch Club

Ahh, New Year’s Eve – where live music prices are jacked up higher than the 9-year-olds chugging Red Bull attempting to stay up until midnight to see their first Times Square ball drop. Enter the venerable Torch Club, with a more than equitable cover charge for a pair of funk acts. Reno’s Jelly Bread slathers up the toast with heaping spoonfuls of sweet vintage Apollo funk and soul without being afraid to get their fingers good and sticky. Local outfit Ideateam opens with jammy instrumental heat in the vein of funkmeisters like Booker T and Soulive. 904 15th St., Sacramento. $25.

Looking ahead: Sage Francis. Jan. 29 at Harlow’s

A fierce juggernaut of teeth-gnashing rhymes and biting lyrics, Sage Francis is nothing short of a hero in the underground hip hop world. 2708 J St., Sacramento.