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Three to see: Portland Cello Project, Two Sheds, Sea of Bees

It’s not called the Portland Cello Project for nothing. The group performs Thursday at Harlow’s.
It’s not called the Portland Cello Project for nothing. The group performs Thursday at Harlow’s.

Portland Cello Project


8 p.m. Jan. 22


Portland Cello Project touring member Lauren McShane accidentally kicked me in the kidney once when I was about 12. I was nice enough not to kick her back – she is my younger cousin, after all, and we were just rough-housing. Like her PCP cohorts, she has a refined ear and a sharp flair for the connectivity between classical and pop music. From Brubeck to Beck, nothing is off the table in the cello-driven, genre-crashing repertoire. A true rarity. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $15-$18.

Two Sheds with Lee Bob & The Truth and Rusty Miller


9 p.m. Friday

Old Ironsides

What’s new is old again. Friday’s familial bill at Old I’s features several faces who ruled the roost back in the middle ’00s, but with plenty of new tunes afoot. Two Sheds, led by vocalist Caitlin Gutenberger and hubby Jon (of Far and Jackpot), has now been a band for about a decade. It has a new album of increasingly polished rainy-day indie rock, “Assembling,” on the way. Former Jackpot’er Lee Bob Watson now fronts the Truth, ruminating one moment about global strife and the next about not having a care in the world. And who knows what Jackpot frontman Rusty Miller is up to. He might not even know. 1901 10th St., Sacramento. $7.

Sea of Bees


8 p.m. Saturday

House concert

If all Kings area construction were to stop and the site abandoned, the void left behind would be an ideal stage for Sea of Bees. Local songstress Julie Baenziger’s long-standing indie folk project has always come with plenty of open space. It’s inching away from breezy open fields towards a fuller inner-city sound – the songs of 4 a.m. when a select few peruse the quiet streets, searching for odd sights and strange revelations. Expect a few new tunes at this house show from Bees’ forthcoming new record, due later this year. With Oh, Rose. 239 Third St., Davis. $5-$10 donation.

Looking ahead: Trigger Hippy. Jan. 31 at Ace of Spades

Jackie Greene’s latest project (alongside Joan Osborne) is pure Southern rock and soul, and might prove to be the critical darling of the Americana world in 2015. 1417 R St., Sacramento. $25.