‘I’m still in disbelief’: Sacramento man is the big winner on ‘The Price Is Right!’

Sacramento’s Roger Cobb and friends having fun at “The Price Is Right!” studio. The Sacramentan won big.
Sacramento’s Roger Cobb and friends having fun at “The Price Is Right!” studio. The Sacramentan won big. Courtesy of Roger Cobb

A Sacramento man won big on “The Price Is Right!” this week.

Roger Cobb, a group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness, won the Showcase Showdown on Monday, bringing home $41,777 worth of prizes. He won a new car and two vacations.

The CBS game show, hosted by Drew Carey and formerly hosted by Bob Barker, has contestants, chosen at random from the audience, guess the price of various retail items and trips to win prizes.

“My partner like hit me in the audience and said, ‘They called you,’” Cobb told The Sacramento Bee. “I looked up, I saw my name, just shocked first when they called.”

Cobb lost the first round, in which contestants guessed the retail prices of four smartwatches.

The second round featured a collection of women’s rain boots and Kate Spade attire.

“In my mind I was thinking, ‘Crap, watch me win this stuff, lady stuff,’” Cobb said.

He had the closest guess with a price of $1,100 – the true price was $1,366.

The prize? A brand new Toyota Yaris sedan.

Sacramento’s Roger Cobb and Drew Carey of CBS’s “The Price Is Right!” Screen shot courtesy of Roger Cobb

He then had to guess the price of the Yaris in a game called Cover Up, during which he looked to his friends in the audience for guidance.

He got super close with his initial guess, with only the last number off. In the end of the Cover Up game, the last number eluded him and he didn’t win a car – in that round.

However, Cobb got to spin the wheel and got $0.95 – a very high number – on his first try, moving on to the Showcase Showdown.

“I was like, ‘Wow, oh my God I’m in the Showcase,’” Cobb said.

Then, in the showdown with one other contestant, Cobb had the closest guess on the retail price of the big prize.

Sacramento resident Roger Cobb learns he’s won on CBS’s “The Price Is Right!”. Screen shot courtesy of Roger Cobb

His reward? Trips to Norway and Miami and a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer.

His friends and family – partner Robert Weight, sister-in-law Hattie Barrientos, niece Tracy Bramasco and his niece’s friend Susana Villanueva – dressed in matching shirts, ran up on stage to celebrate with him.

“I’m still in disbelief,” Cobb said Friday about winning.

Watch the episode here.