Enthusiastic Sacramento firefighter wins big on 'The Price is Right'

Sacramento Fire Department engineer Fernando Vallejo came on down to meet Drew Carey during Wednesday morning’s episode of "The Price Is Right," and walked away a richer man.

Wearing a powder blue T-shirt bearing Carey’s likeness and the words, "Drew is my homeboy," Vallejo somersaulted and air-punched his way out of the introductory round by guessing a set of digital picture frames cost $999. No other contestant got closer to the actual retail price of $1,460 without going over, giving Vallejo a chance to play the show’s "Danger Price" game.

Three of the four "Danger Price" items — a six-player foosball table, a 2017 SSR Buccaneer motorcycle, a Samsung 55-Inch 4K TV with a Blu-Ray DVD player and a set of six Coach handbags — cost some amount other $1,830. Vallejo didn’t have to guess their price, just which ones weren't worth $1,830.

He successfully avoided the $1,830 Coach bags and moved onto the next round, where he and other contestants spun a giant wheel inscribed with cent values to see who could get closest to $1 without busting.

Vallejo's first spin netted 60 cents, evening him with the previous contestant, so he went for broke and spun again. A subsequent 35-cent roll seemed like it would push him through to the next round, but the next woman up rolled a perfect $1, sending Vallejo flopping to the ground in mock agony.

For his troubles, Vallejo walked away with the foosball table, the motorcycle, the TV and Blu-Ray, the handbags and the picture frames, plus a Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR camera with an 18-55mm lens. His total winnings were worth nearly $10,000, according to a spokesman for "The Price Is Right."

Vallejo, whose family owns two downtown Mexican restaurants bearing their last name, is a lifelong Sacramento resident who has served the city’s fire department for more than 15 years, Capt. Keith Wade said. He’s active in the Sacramento Area Firefighters union as a liaison to the city.

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