Paul Robins announces departure from Fox 40 morning anchor post

Another shakeup is coming soon to Sacramento’s TV news scene: Morning anchor Paul Robins has announced plans to depart from Fox 40.

After a decade with the station, Robins’ tenure will end after 2018, he said at the end of Tuesday’s 5-10 a.m. broadcast.

The veteran anchor will become a faculty member at William Jessup University, which is launching a digital communication program, as Robins said in a Facebook post.

Robins has a long radio and TV résumé in the Sacramento area. He has reported for PBS’s “America’s Heartland,” a weekly TV program. He is also a mystery novelist, according to his website.

Robins is the latest in a series of departures or switch-ups of talent among the region’s four English-speaking TV news channels (Fox 40, ABC 10, CBS 13 and KCRA).

“I appreciate the bosses here letting me get the word out now, so that I don’t just disappear one day without warning and you never hear what happened to me!” the journalist wrote in Tuesday’s Facebook post.