Top burgers in Sacramento: Now it’s your turn

Sacramento may be known as the farm-to-fork capital but it’s also a town that loves its burgers.
Sacramento may be known as the farm-to-fork capital but it’s also a town that loves its burgers. Manny Crisostomo

Last week, my colleague Carla Meyer and I rounded up our favorite hamburgers around town and served them to you as our top 10.

As a side dish, we invited you to tell us your own personal favorites, and you replied – passionately. As we all know, every burger lover has an emotional attachment to his or her favorite beef patty on a bun.

Here’s a sampling of your responses that came to us via email and Facebook:

John: “The Big Burger (on a french roll) at Ikeda’s in Auburn. Juicy patty with salt and plenty of pepper. A little mayo mixed with mustard. Optionally loaded with thick and curly bacon, avocado and sweet grilled onions. Extra points for staying true to form since I went there in the 1980s.”

Cheryl and Scott: “While we agree with many of (your) selections, an obvious omission (was) the burger at OneSpeed. The quality and flavor of the meat is by far the best we have tasted. The fresh condiments and the house-made bun only add to this simple but outstanding burger.”

Mitzi: “The best burger is at Junction Burger. It not only comes with pastrami, but you can add bacon as well. The fries are crisp (and) the onion rings huge.”

Richard: “Any list of Sacramento’s best burger is incomplete without the French ground burger from Nationwide Freezer Meats.”

Jason:Burgers and Brew has the same Niman Ranch beef as Ettore’s and Monks Cellar in Roseville, the best I’ve tasted.”

Casey: “Too bad 1980s-era Trails restaurant and Ford’s Hamburgers aren’t still around. They would be on your list. Those were some good burgers.”

Jake: “What about the Juicy Lucy at Golden Bear? It’s the best burger in town.”

Annie: “Surprised Broderick Midtown isn’t on there. The duck burger is two thumbs up!”

Paul: “There really needs to be a top 15 or 20. Flaming Grill’s amazing burgers weren’t even mentioned.”

Chad: “Have to go with Broderick.”

Andre: “The Smokehouse Burger at Fahrenheit 250 is worth checking out, and I can vouch for ‘The Exception’ burger at Hop House.”

Phia: “Fellow Sacramentans, Elixir Bar & Grill downtown – best burger, period. Little-known secret.”

Jeff: “I love the burgers at Skip’s Kitchen.”

Marlene: “Nationwide!”

Dawn: “I’ve only been to Waterboy. Must try the others (on your list).”

Andrew:Monsoon Burger.”

Todd: Cookies Drive-In (is) simply the best.”

Billie: “Cookie’s and Lou’s Drive-In.”

Jason: “You guys really need to come see us at Hop House in El Dorado Hills, or in a couple months at Hop House in Roseville.”

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