Pliny the Younger on tap today at Pour House

Let’s see if you can follow the logic here: It’s cool once again to like Pliny the Younger.

Why? Because the popular approach in craft beer circles is to diss Pliny the Younger, the Triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Co. which is released in coveted amounts to a select few watering holes. Pliny the Younger ranks among the highest rated brews by BeerAdvocate - though currently out of the winner’s circle at #4 out of the Top 250 beers in the world - and its limited release often generates epic lines, some hours-long. But with this Black Friday-like scene for a simple pour of beer comes cries that the beer is overrated, no brew is worth that long of a wait, “I’ve had better,” etc. etc.

But as every hipster knows, the best way to operate is counter to conventional wisdom, to be ahead of the coolness curve. So, if you want to buck the craft beer status quo, drop by Pour House (1910 Q St., Sacramento) this afternoon. Just in time for Sacramento Beer Week, a keg of Pliny the Younger will be tapped at 4 p.m., with a 9 ounce pour going for $6. The window to get a taste of Pliny the Younger has lasted just 19 minutes in previous years before the keg was emptied, so be forewarned.

And next year, when the craft beer cultists decide Pliny the Younger once again deserves the hype, you can lay low with a “been there, done that” attitude.

Also, we’re getting word that more Pliny the Younger will be on tap around the Sacramento area this week, along with some rarefied tastings that will result in much chin stroking and scribbled tasting notes from the most hardcore of hopsheads. Stay tuned for much more Sacramento Beer Week coverage.