Read down the menu at Lou’s Sushi to find one of its tastiest items

Grilled Japanese eggplant at Lou’s Sushi
Grilled Japanese eggplant at Lou’s Sushi

The friendly, low-key atmosphere at Lou’s Sushi masks a vital, innovative kitchen at work. The sushi and sashimi are prepared with detailed precision by chef Lou Valente and his associates, who are as creative in preparation as they are in naming the sculpted-looking rolls. “Daniel, My Brother” includes salmon, asparagus and cucumber topped with shiso, striped bass, Sriracha sauce, ponzu and scallions. But look down the menu for real rewards such as the grilled Japanese eggplant, which comes out as though it were steamed (it’s not) then had the skin stripped before ginger, ponzu and smoked bonito flakes are added.

$6 for grilled Japanese eggplant, Lou’s Sushi, 2801 P St., Sacramento,

Marcus Crowder