Oak Park Brewing hosts talk tonight on Sacramento’s brewing history

With Sacramento Beer Week in full swing, you might think you have a handle on the thriving local beer scene. But what about the rich history of local brewing?

The Sacramento region may have 60-plus breweries in operation in 2017, but its brewing roots run deep.

Monday at 6 p.m. at Oak Park Brewing, 3514 Broadway in Sacramento, James Scott, a reference librarian at the Sacramento Public Library who is known as the “beer historian,” will give a talk on Sacramento’s brewing history. The presentation will focus on beer production in pre-Civil War Sacramento, according to a library press release.

Oak Park Brewing is embracing the theme of the lecture by serving historically relevant beers — think lagers and cream ales rather than super hoppy (and much more modern) West Coast India pale ales.

The event is free and open to the public. The brewery also has a full service restaurant.