Golden mangoes, green curry and more at Thai Hut

A plate of sweet mango slices at Thai Hut.
A plate of sweet mango slices at Thai Hut.

Thai is among the most popular cuisines in the U.S., right up there with Mexican, Italian and Chinese. On the local front, Thai restaurants are seemingly everywhere, some more conscientious than others.

When we’re in the mood for a taste of the unpretentious, we head to the homey Thai Hut. There, husband-wife owners Ten and Tuck Siri work hard in their small kitchen to bring heaping plates of fragrant dishes to the tables.

A few lunch pals and I ran through the reasonably priced menu and ordered a bunch of good stuff: chicken-filled steamed potstickers with ginger sauce; rice paper-wrapped shrimp spring rolls with peanut and plum sauces; marinated shrimp wrapped in egg rice paper, deep-fried and served with sweet ‘n’ sour sauce; a chicken chow mein of pan-fried egg noodles with veggies, tasting better than the versions we get in Chinese restaurants; and yellow coconut-milk curry with tofu, and jasmine brown rice on the side.

I asked Tuck Siri to put some heat on the green curry.

“How hot to you want it, on a scale of one to five?” she asked.

“How about five?” I suggested, looking at the lunch pals for confirmation. Their eyes widened and Tuck Siri laughed. “Even I cannot do five,” she said, so we settled on “three.”

Soon, our lips were burning as we forked into the veggie-and-pork-laden dish, with jasmine white rice on the side.

We eyed a display of golden-skin mangoes and asked for a plate of slices. They were firm, sweet and delicious. Coming soon will be a different variety of mango from Mexico, and we’ll be back for those.

Thai Hut, 5800 Madison Ave., Sacramento, (916) 348-1880,

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