It takes four beers to make this one tasty Sacramento burger

The “local brewer burger” at Broderick Midtown
The “local brewer burger” at Broderick Midtown

At Broderick Midtown, you can have beer with a burger, or better yet, throughout one.

Broderick’s “Local Brewer Burger” features house-crafted ketchup made with Bike Dog Mosaic pale ale, mustard incorporating Track 7 Panic IPA, and saucy cheese infused with Ruhstaller 1881 Red Ale. Two strips of bacon marinated in Deschutes stout add to the ingredients joining a temperate Harris Ranch patty within a teetotaling Village Bakery sourdough bun.

Broderick is using a broad definition of “local” since Deschutes comes from Portland, Ore. But we will forgive the stretch since that stout helps round out the brown sugar and black pepper also in the bacon. The burger as a whole blends sweet, salty, malty and sharp flavors into a satisfying whole.

A holdover from Sacramento Beer Week in March, this burger also is available at Broderick Roadhouse in West Sacramento and comes with a mess of Broderick’s crispy/creamy hand-cut fries, for $14.