These two tasty, frosty shakes – one kid-friendly, one not – help beat the Sacramento heat

The Bourbon Peanut Butter Banana Shake at Broderick Midtown
The Bourbon Peanut Butter Banana Shake at Broderick Midtown

When the heat is blazing in Sacramento, there’s no better remedy than a really good milkshake. Although some would argue that ice cream would be fine on its own, who wants to expend the energy to lift a spoon on a 100-degree day? We prefer the ease of a straw.

Whitey’s Jolly Kone – the West Sacramento hamburger stand that opened in 1963 – is offering its famous, seasonal peach shakes through the end of August.

Peaches are pitted and their fruit squeezed out to be blended with soft-serve ice cream, making for a slightly bittersweet, wholly refreshing shake. The regular size goes for $4.50, but you should spring for a large, since it is only 50 cents more.

Things get pricier, thicker and more alcoholic at Broderick Roadhouse Midtown, where adults can order a $13 “boozy shake” containing frozen custard (made with egg yolks, it is creamier than regular ice cream), peanut butter, fresh bananas and Jack Daniel’s. We could taste all this drink’s components at once, with the whiskey asserting itself enough – amid all that cream and fat – to remind us this was not a regular shake.

Broderick’s “boozy shakes” also are available at its new Roseville location.

Full disclosure: You probably will need to use a spoon at some point while consuming these drinks – particularly with the Whitey’s shake, since the fruit can get stuck in your straw.