Take care of your Peeps

Peeps are a beloved spring treat.
Peeps are a beloved spring treat. Sacramento Bee Staff Photo

Easter week traditionally ushers in an annual spring treat: Peeps!

This spring, those marshmallow confections are back in force with new flavors to tempt any Peep lover. Now selling at Target stores are a trio of exclusive new flavors: Lemon Delight, Orange Delight and Lime Delight Peep Chicks. In addition to the sweet flavored marshmallow centers, these little Peeps are dipped in citrus-flavored white fudge. Suggested retail price is $1.99 a package.

At CVS stores is another Peep exclusive from Just Born candies: Orange creme marshmallow bunnies. Suggested retail price is $1.99 for 12 bunnies.

While waiting for your Peeps to show up, consider these Peep fun facts:

▪  It would take 3,538 Peep chicks, placed end to end, to span the length of the Tower Bridge across the Sacramento River.

▪  For a Peep tower as tall as the Capitol dome, you would need a stack of 1,976 Peep chicks.

▪  One Peep chick contains 28 calories, almost entirely from sugar. A “suggested serving” is five chicks (or bunnies).

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