Foodies, test your food-trivia knowledge

Are you ready to test your foodie knowledge?
Are you ready to test your foodie knowledge? apierleoni

So you think you’re a foodie, eh? Let’s put your knowledge to the test, courtesy of the Lagoon Trading Co.’s “Gourmet Food and Drink Quiz”:

1. How did sardines get their name?

2. New York state’s official muffin is what flavor?

3. What color is yak’s milk?

4. What food is a key ingredient in dynamite?

5. What was originally sold as “an intellectual beverage and temperance drink”?

The quiz-in-a-box throws down this gauntlet: “Tantalize your tastebuds and test what you know about food trivia from around the globe (and from history).”

The little metal box is filled tiny cards that ask questions on one side and give the answers on the other. We found it ideal for road trips and “Counter Culture” restaurant reviews, during which I tortured a series of lunch pals who, it turned out, didn’t know as much as they thought they did. It also turned out that neither did I.

The “Gourmet Food and Drink Quiz” is $7 at Hobbytown USA, 2761 E. Bidwell St., Folsom, (916) 984-6266.

Now for the answers:

1. “The canning process for herring was developed in Sardinia, which is why canned herrings are better known as sardines.”

2. Apple.

3. Pink.

4. Peanuts.

5. Coca-Cola.

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