New Helvetia Brewing Co. to release homage to historic Buffalo Brewery

Founded in 1890, Buffalo Brewery once reigned as Sacramento’s signature spot for beer. After going dormant in the mid-1940s, the Buffalo line of beer was revived briefly in the 1970s, though its naming rights are now owned by a Japanese company. The Sacramento Bee is now housed on the site of the former site of Buffalo Brewery.

Sacramento’s New Helevtia Brewing Co. is now preparing to launch an homage to Buffalo Brewery in the form of its Buffalo Craft Lager. This lager will be poured at New Helvetia (1730 Broadway, Sacramento) starting Aug. 21. It’s a medium bodied beer that brewmaster Brian Cofresi says is made with malts both from California and Bohemia, which results in a medium-bodied beer with about 4.8 percent alcohol - just the right kind of brew to drink while savoring the Delta breeze.

“It’s our version of a classic style lager,” said David Gull, owner of New Helvetia. “It has nothing to do with the original recipe, but we’re honoring the brewing traditions of Buffalo Brewery and Sacramento’s industries.”

Buffalo Craft Lager will for now be poured only at New Helvetia’s tap room, but the beer itself may ultimately reach the wider market, said Gull. Also, look for a small-batch version of Buffalo Craft Lager that’s brewed with local hops, and possibly coming Aug. 22.

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