Are these the Top 10 best new restaurants?

The swank food-centric magazine Bon Appetit has announced its Top 10 list of best new restaurants in the U.S.

Coming in at No. 2 is Saison in San Francisco, the only California entry. Menu-wise, there’s only one choice -- the 18-course prix-fixe dinner for $248. The wine pairing is another $148. That’s per person, not per family reunion.

Recent dinners have included sesame-seed soufflé, smoked caviar-topped corn pudding, gold leaf-topped Parmesan custard, abalone liver stew (what do they do with the good part?), wood pigeon, dry-aged duck and sablefish poached in seawater.

Saison is at 178 Townsend St.; (415) 828-7990,

For the complete list, go to and scroll down to the “Hot” headline.