Butcher will give Farm-To-Fork demo, then hit the highway to compete in Oakland

Danny Johnson is able to focus. That explains why the verteran butcher and owner of Taylor’s Market still has all 10 digits.

But tomorrow, he’s going to have really be dialed in, as Johnson will be giving a butchering demonstration in downtown Sacramento at 11:15 a.m for the Farm-To-Fork Festival, then pack up his knives, gather his crew and head to Oakland, where he will be competing from 4-5 p.m. at the Eat Real Fest at Jack London Square in the Butcher Guild’s beef butchery competition.

We’re wishing Johnson the best of luck in the Bay Area. Just today, I stopped by Taylor’s Market and found the master himself behind the counter. I watched him work his magic on a huge beef femur, cutting it into equal pieces for my dogs (including a foster named Ruby who will likely be enjoying her first-ever bone). Johnson and his wife Kathy also own Taylor’s Kitchen next door.

If you’re into cooking, you probably know that butchering is a hot topic these days. Johnson’s demo is at the Capitol Mall and it will be quite an education for those thinking of getting into butchering. Johnson will show how he breaks down half a beef carcass. Johnson’s Butchering 101 classes at Taylor’s have been a big hit. Visit the store’s website for future classes and other events.

We’ll check back with Johnson after the competition in Oakland and report back here about how he did.