California craft beers now available at Kings games, but for a steep price

The news sounds good on paper for beer lovers. A variety of California craft beers debuted at Sleep Train Arena on Tuesday for the Sacramento Kings’ pre-season home opener, with a list including such brewers as American River, Firestone Walker, Black Diamond and Rubicon.

But you better have plenty of paper on hand, in the form of money, if you want to play ball with these beers at Kings games and other Sleep Train events.

The beers have about a three to four times mark-up over the retail price, meaning a 22 ounce bottle of Rubicon IPA that sells for about $3.70 at retail costs a whopping $12 at Sleep Train. And that Firestone DBA? How about $12 for a 22 ounce bottle that sells for about $4 at BevMo.

Beers from Black Diamond and American River top the price list at $14 each. Good ol’ Sierra Nevada IPA ranks as the relative bargain at $10.75.

Thanks to our pals Nick Miller of the Sacramento News & Review and Ed Murrieta of Sac Biz Lunch for price spotting. Here’s the original post from Nick in the SN&R that caught our attention.