ProYo joins the frozen yogurt lineup

It seems like there’s a new incarnation or style of yogurt on the market every week, from Greek and Asian to lower-fat and higher-protein.

Now comes ProYo frozen yogurt, packaged in push-up tubes, three to a box, for $6.50 at Whole Foods and Nugget markets. By the numbers, the product looks like this: Each 4-ounce squeeze tube of yogurt contains 20 grams of protein and 160 calories, with probiotics and added fiber; no artificial colors or flavors. Choose from Dutch chocolate, vanilla bean, banana-vanilla and blueberry-pomegranate.

We rounded up a group of yogurt-loving tasters for a sampling. Two issues were immediately apparent: The squeeze-tube packaging seems too bulky for the contents, a not-so-good thing; and the overall consistency of the yogurt was close to high-end ice cream, a good thing. More information:

The top flavor among the tasters was blueberry-pomegranate; vanilla bean placed fourth. Here’s what the tasters had to say:

Blueberry-pomegranate: “Bright taste... I can’t identify blueberry, but I like it... Smells like blueberry pie... Tastes like a smoothie or a blueberry milkshake... Wonderfully creamy... Very berry and not too sweet... Could substitute this for ice cream in a milkshake.”

Banana-vanilla: “Semi-bitter aftertaste... Not too sweet... Good texture, but an unpleasant aftertaste... Good banana smell, but not real creamy... The banana flavor is kind of watered down and not rich... Plenty of banana flavor.”

Dutch chocolate: “Has more flavor than its color set me up for... No bitter aftertaste... Where’s the burst of chocolate flavor?... Like a Fudgsicle... Like ice milk.... Too mild.”

Vanilla bean: “Not as good as Häagen-Dazs, but not far off... Has vanilla bean flecks, but not a strong vanilla flavor... Needs to be creamier... Inviting flecks of vanilla bean, but it leaves me wondering why I can’t taste vanilla... The texture is so much like ice cream that I’m expecting it to be richer-tasting.... Good, not great.”