Are these California's best butcher shops?

The classic American butcher shop is alive and serving choice cuts of beef and pork, along with fish, poultry, charcuterie and much more. That’s the finding from the editors of the Daily Meal, the all-food-and-drink, all-the-time website.

In choosing America’s 25 Best Butcher Shops, the editors took into account many factors, including: Do they offer organic, sustainable meat? Do they practice “whole animal” butchery, sourced from hand-picked local farms?

“We also considered whether they offer classes on simple butchery, sausage-making, and the like; if they offer unique cuts of meats and can cut those to order; and if they offer ‘extras’ including sausage, charcuterie and sandwiches,” the panel explained.

The top 10 looks like this, and includes three in California (Nos. 15, 16 and 22 also are in California). For the complete list, go to

1. Lindy & Grundy, Los Angeles (

2. The Butcher and Larder, Chicago

3. The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley (

4. The Meat Hook, New York City

5. The Swinery, Seattle

6. Fleisher’s, New York City

7. Publican Quality Meats, Chicago

8. Dickson’s Farmstead meats, New York City

9. Saugatuck Craft Butchery, Westport, Conn.

10. Avedano's Holly Park Market, San Francisco (