Wor wonton soup gets better

As the weather gets cooler, we’ve spent time on our ongoing Quest For Soup, tracking down various kinds that we think deserve some buzz.

Our latest go-to is the wor wonton soup at Lotus 8, our favorite Chinese restaurant since it opened in June. There, veteran chef Eric Kuang serves several dishes seldom seen in mainstream Chinese restaurants, such as as fried salt-and-pepper tofu, curried lamb, sauteed scallops and octopus in XO (spicy seafood sauce), sauteed beef cubes and shrimp in black pepper sauce, sizzling oysters and more.

His take on wor wonton soup starts with from-scratch chicken broth, then segues into the fresh contents — bulging pork-and-shrimp wontons, big scallops, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, squid, mushrooms and greens (a deal at $10).

We also took home a container of “barbecued” and sliced pork neck meat, which is leaner and more tender than the same-old, same-old sliced pork served at most other Chinese restaurants ($12; it got so popular as a dinner item that it recently joined the lunch menu).

It seemed like a natural to pile a bunch of pork slices on top of the wonton soup and mix them in, as shown in the photo. Our modified version served two, but was enough for three.

Lotus 8, 199 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom; (916) 351-9278,